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“ In the bitter waves of woe,

Beaten and tossed about

By the sullen winds that blow

From the desolate shores of doubt,

Where the anchors that faith has cast

Are dragging in the gale,

I am quietly holding fast

To the things that cannot fail ;

I know that right is right

That it is not good to lie;

That love is better than spite ;

And a neighbour than a spy ;

I know that passion needs

The leash of a sober mind ;

I know that generous deeds

Some sure reward will find ;

That the rulers must obey;

That the givers shall increase ;

That duty lights the way

For the beautiful feet of Peace ;

In the darkest night of the year,

When the stars have all gone out,

That courage is better than fear ;

That faith is truer than doubt

And fierce though the fiends may fight,

And long though the angels hide ;

I know that truth and right

Have the universe on their side ;

And that somewhere beyond the stars,

Is a love that is better than fate ;

When the night unlocks her bars ;

I shall see Him-and I will wait.”




By Washington Gladden.

(date unknown)


*                                 *                                *                               *                                 *

This poem found me one day as I looked at a very old book that had been given to me, a clipping fell to the ground, thus this poem.

I felt this needed to be shared with all of you…

Dear Washington Gladden, with his moving words.



2 Responses to “* KNOWLEDGE *”

  1. that’s beautiful, Laz – thank you for sharing that!

  2. Hey,Sarah my pleasure really 🙂 so glad you dig this!

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