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R e a l i t i e s







By Laz.F.18/1/2012



4 Responses to “R e a l i t i e s”

  1. Hello Laz,

    Great post..hope all is well




  2. Good one Laz.:) You know, I have been busy making art lately, but the last couple of days I’m writing again. Anyway, I just wrote a new haiku, which you can see at – it’s the latest one called “at daybreak” the last line had me stumped.

    But then I got an inspiration! I wrote it sort of like Laz writes. I wasn’t ripping you, but I’ve read a lot of your poems and somehow it just reminded me of how you phrase poems sometimes. haha It’s nice to feel influenced and inspired by other poets.

    Keep up the good work! A hundred pesos to you for the inspiration! Or better yet, a thousand!!

    • Hey Robbie,:)great to hear from you, I needed the pesos 😉
      I’m so glad you are writing more!… I really dig your Haiku and other stuff as you know…
      I must add, you have been an inspiration to me,my friend…fill that canvas tonight and be well
      Peace to you,

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