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***** Rose







By Laz.F.26/7/2010

5 Responses to “***** Rose”

  1. Yeah. I photographed a rose today. Quick. Because I often photograph this particular rose. Your words brought back, the beauty, I now wish to go back and linger over… the velvet petals and that fresh earthy young scent. I like that.

    • Very much enjoyed your comment, Rick!
      imagining the Beauty Rose that you have captured on film or digitally, my friend
      All the Best, Thanks

      • cool, Laz. i off loaded images this evening. on an initial look i like the way the rose came out. it may yet surface some place. i like the connection those images now have with your words. yeah. way cool. aloha.

  2. natures velvet petals, all manner of colours, displayed for all to see. xx

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