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*No Regret


All but love,

Is borrowed

That is no lie,


Life so fast,

Words to last               

Look us in the eye,


Then we smile,

With calm,

No regret

*                 *                 *

By Laz.F.24/3/2010

10 Responses to “*No Regret”

  1. Beautiful, Laz. Very reflective today.

  2. A life with no regret is a gift. This is nice.

  3. Wonderful Laz, a great maxim to live by. NO regret. xx

  4. Simply excellent!! I wish it were like this.. or maybe it is, and just need to see it that way…

    Well writ, Laz!

  5. Nice, comforting words to read…Brings a sense of calm to me. I like!

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