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*******Just a Note*******

Dear, Friends, Followers, Fellow Poets, Creators, Bloggies and others.

As I will be traveling!

My Posts will be few,

My comments will be few,

Until September 7th

All the Best!!

Peace and Joy,



12 Responses to “*******Just a Note*******”

  1. Happy traveling, Laz!!! 🙂

  2. Wishing you a good and safe journey, Laz.

    Peace, Love and Joy to you, my friend,

  3. safe travel Laz!

    I will have read back over my old favorites in your absence!

    have fun!

  4. Enjoy your travels!

  5. another poet on holiday. have a beautiful trip.

  6. peace be the journey!

  7. Enjoy your journey! May it provide much food for thought and for POSTING! 🙂

  8. Love everything you see and WRITE ABOUT IT. Have the best time.


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