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*Marine Blues*

Marine blues




By Laz.F.29/5/2010

How sad

8 Responses to “*Marine Blues*”

  1. Oh, so beautiful, Laz. It reminds me of a special place for me. I used to hike a couple of miles up a mountain near Big Sur, CA. I had a special spot on the side of the mountain, under a tree, with a view of the coastline. It was wonderful to be in alone in nature with magnificent views. I would spend the whole day there, reading and eating and enjoying the scenery.

    Another wonderful poem to jog wonderful memories. Thanks Laz!

    Peace and Joy!

  2. Hi Laz, I found what I was doing wrong and fixed it. You should be able to link to my blog now.

    LOL at you reply to my comments. So fun! And that is what it is all about. 😉

    Peace, my friend,

  3. I see you got in. Thanks for the comment. I wrote a reply.

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