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…Comment Sale…


Seventy five centavos

Limited time offer

Act now…


By Laz.F.28/5/2010

don’t wait

8 Responses to “…Comment Sale…”

  1. Muy caro! But, I will pay for the pleasure. 😉

    Paz, Laz,

    • Ah sale is over ,but I give you free pass,for ten centavos……..:)
      Hey it’s on me,Suzanne

      By the way I can not log into your blog at all …….really it says protected blog must sign in …I do and then nothing!
      I cannot view ……. maybe unlock it or?
      Let me know,
      Thanks ,

  2. Do you have change for a dollar?

  3. Sorry, Laz, I forgot to remove the “Private” status after I finished working on it. New name and URL, but you should be able to get there now.

    Thanks for the free pass, Laz!

    Peace to you,

  4. Mystery solved and I see you got in, so that is good.

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