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*Nothing Compares*

Beauty’s there…

So close that

Nothing compares


By Laz.F.27/5/2010

in eyes of beholder


4 Responses to “*Nothing Compares*”

  1. It speaks to me of the wonderful ability each of us has to see beauty, regardless of social conditioning. It is like a secret grace that has opened our eyes and heart for those who are open to receive it.

    Beautiful poem, Laz, and so full of grace.

    Peace, my friend,

  2. I don’t think of people as “self absorbed” unless they can’t see anything BUT themselves. Your poems make it quite evident that you see alot more than yourself. We have a right to express what we like, even if it is our own. Besides, what is wrong in enjoying ourselves. I think it is healthy to like or even love ourselves, then we have the ability to love others with a healthy love.

    A little Sannaty philosophy! 🙂

    Peace Laz,

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