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__ Stones Throw __

Quiet lake,

Stones throw,

Ripples there,

Fresh as air


By Laz.F. 28/4/2010

6 Responses to “__ Stones Throw __”

  1. Laz, your poetry has a wonderful ability to bring forward the memories of the reader. We share experiences as you write, and I remember, as if I were back at the moment of awareness, transported on your words.

    Thank you, my friends, for the many wonderful trips you give me, and for increasing my current attention to what is around me and free.

    Peace to you!

  2. Reminds me of trying to learn how to skip a stone across water, randomly hitting it, but never knowing exactly what I was doing. Nice invocation of memory.


  3. laz,

    i had the same memory of the ripples created by skipping a stone across a placid lake, one chilly morning. this poem evokes some nostalgia in me.

    all the best

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