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*Paint My Eyes

Paint my eyes,

Will you?

So they can see


By Laz.F.12/4/2010

6 Responses to “*Paint My Eyes”

  1. Laz, this seems to have a certain relationship to a wip I know. :-)))) I like it. Still, I wait for you to expand the options, if for no other reason than curiosity at your creativity.

    What a pleasure the process is for me, Laz.

    Continued inspiration, my friend,

  2. You may notice that I have changed the names of my two “existential” blogs, and also my username. I got a comment a couple days ago, questioning the “existential” quality of one of my haiku.

    It’s happened before. Well, I just decided to make the change, because things have changed for me. My blogs are about writing poetry, not trying to defend some philosophy.

    Well, you didn’t ask for this comment, but what the heck. And I am probably owing you a couple pesos worth of comments, anyway.

    I hope you continue to write the haiku style. I’m not saying “only” write them. I just love poetry that gets to the point, like a snapshot, as Sarah Whiteley has called my haiku (she’s ebbtide).

    I have nothing against longer poetry, of course. Maybe I will start a blog called hahaha

    Nope. I have too many blogs now. That’s part of the problem! I’m just rambling now, so feel more than free to delete this godzilla of a comment!

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