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Five Dollar Bill

February 23, 2010

Old five dollar Bill, with a legend in his mind, Dreams of change, just wont cash in he said, So that’s all he could take of it, The best he could make of it by Laz .F. 20/2/2010 Advertisements


February 22, 2010

Missing out on something, going on with nothing, Hold on now, wind is blowing everything away today, My thoughts are flying away, Be back soon they say. by Laz.F. 20/2/2010


February 22, 2010

Blair’s calling out, while humans glare, traffics busy, but no one cares, passing hydrant stares, rubdowns and broken cardboard downtown. ___________________________________________________________ For us and them by Laz.F. 28/1/2010

When it Comes

February 21, 2010

When do we wait, when is it late? When the telephone pole sinks down in its hole, Raccoons caught on bricks and sleight of hands, move to the end and crowd the lines best. by Laz. F. 12/31/09

poems and lyrics for today

February 20, 2010

Fragment and Revise Gumball machines, chrome stools, naugahyde fools, French fries, big lies, counters ending at the door. By Laz.F 19/2/2010 Twelve Fifteen Twelve fifteen formidably clean, sight unseen, the earth moved, In its hefty glare falling softly off its hard edge. (12:15am-12:25am) By Laz. F. 20/2/2010