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February 25, 2010

Underneath, well down below, a fallen black crow, beak broken, Grave matters only waiting for it, nearing the end of anywhere. ——————————————————————————- For no one By Laz.F. 25/2/2010

One Fall Tale

February 25, 2010

These beautiful trees lose their leaves, not to cry. As so many squirrels climb those branches so high! “oh” the cat takes watch with its golden eye, and the birds fly away to the sky, then we welcome the fall with a sigh. For Dustyrose By Laz .F.10/4/09 Dedicated to Dustyrose our beloved Cat for […]

Buncha Words

February 25, 2010

Windows shut, carpets bare, nails in wood keep it there, In the back, wet again, porches leaning weather vanes. Least the words are played. By Laz F. 19/2/2010

Just in Time

February 25, 2010

Need I feel its watching me? Thoughts are full of fantasy, places where only hearts can see, In the mind it’s passing by, then reflected talking eyes, Mirrors of us walking know, need to make it just in time. (For the unforgiving clocks) By Laz.F. 12/2/2010

Never Been Drunk

February 25, 2010

“Oh I’ve, “Never been drunk” Why don’t you piss off, you “punk!” Typewriter drinks hard stuff not I, Says a lot of things I just don’t buy. By Laz F. 28/1/2010

Never Know

February 24, 2010

Could have been a mean one, got to see it coming, Running faster than anyone, can’t focus in now, Behind us, never knowing, just might be true. by Laz .F. 23/2/2010

Big Bash

February 23, 2010

Paydays, cheques cashed, Plastic cards, bills stashed, Money ,gold ,silver ,crash, Greed , bank, safe, trash. by Laz F. 23/2/2010

Downtown Again

February 23, 2010

Passing by concrete squares, engine grease, noise to bear, Pigeons soaring round nine a.m., sirens screaming, Garbage piled, newspaper, skyscraper, pee on stairs. By Laz F. 22/2/10


February 23, 2010

Fire engine red, high school uniforms, hydrant yellows, leaves all over, Stand on the sewer, down by the lake front, looking for something. Buses zip by that aren’t even near us, raven black gates never opened so wide, Beside the bar that never closes and people lined up. for Dr. Dude…. by Laz.F. 28/1/2010

The Word

February 23, 2010

The word is power and can be seen, and in written form it may be lean. A warning to all who stand too tall, It stands outside of natures wall, and as if the word, need make us fall, can this be a warning to us and for all. by Laz.F. 7/1/2010