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Never Knew It

Should have been a mean one, could of seen it coming,
speeds faster than anyone, can not focus in now,
slips in behind you, never knowing, that it was true.

by Laz .F. 27/2/2010

5 Responses to “Never Knew It”

  1. Hi Laz, thanks for the compliment. I had a look around your page; you seem to be incredibly prolific! I like the way that your style is so malleable to the subject that you’re dealing with in the poem; it’s something specific to this form that really gives it an edge.
    I’m intrigued as to how you came across my page; I only set it up a fortnight ago?! I’m based in Dublin, Ireland, so transatlantic readers were not expected!
    Take care!

    • Hi Micheal,

      Much enjoyed visiting your blog one evening……………found your poem while surfing around, Bridge Bitch Doorstep,caught my eye.
      I so much enjoy your work it is truly gripping and I like your style over all,what can I say………keep on creating!

      Thank You for the compliment on my writing and your visit,
      see you again,

  2. oooh, this sounds like betrayal.

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