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The Professional Cat

I’ll wake up with you, take one whiff or two,

Jump on your lap, purr and keep warm, then down to set you free,

Finish my bowl of cream, a little chow too,

And then lick myself so clean! One meow for you and me.

Leap up to the window and take a fresh view,

“Oh” I am looking back at you, as you go by,

I hear a cry, little mouse scurrying by, let him be,

For you see, I know him quite well, and meow hello.

I am there for you, that’s not all I can do,

For I am a professional cat, and its true!


One more for Dustyrose and you!

By Laz. F. 26/2/2010

2 Responses to “The Professional Cat”

  1. Indeed a cat’s life, can not argue good work i enjoyed this

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